Saturday, 3 July 2010


You kinda know that things are going well when bus drivers complain about the glare from the new cladding of our new arts building, known by me as the visual arts fiasco. Is that the best they can come up with? I hated the thing from the start and was not alone. I hated even more the process that we have been forced to endure during its construction. But now that it is taking shape, I have mellowed. I quite like what I am seeing. It really does look very impressive. The aerial view that I saw in the local rag really shows its potential. Now I cannot wait to get rid of the scruffy bus park and to see the landscaping under way and to join all the other curmudgeons on my first visit to the finished building. Although what they are going to put inside it is quite another matter!


Big Swifty said...

Be interesting to see how this unfolds, and how history judges it. Our town hall was over budget and late, but most people love it now.

Sdapeze said...

Thanks Big Swifty.I like the tongue in cheek approach so don't take my ramblings too seriously. I don't really think that the telecom building in the Dutch Quarter is beautiful.