Saturday, 26 June 2010

Dwile Flonking

Whether through despair or apathy, I have not posted here for 6 or so months. The election has been and gone and, despite my hopes, we still have the pc health and safety idiots out there, telling us we cannot put up bunting or banning dwile flonking. The party is over. Labour stuffed the country. Now we need to pay its debts and restore Britain's pride and traditions. We shall see!


I attended a Colchester 2020 event in the park yesterday. How much did that little lot cost the taxpayer? I should like to know what planet these people have been living on for them to believe they could co-ordinate festivals in Colchester any better than is being done already and has been going on for the past many years and will go on in the future, unaided. On past evidence, they would have difficulty running a beer-up in a brewery. What we do need is a town centre manager to run the whole town centre - including funding (not interference) for festivals. What say?